Full Page Map ProviderOptions for Universal Search (Summer '21 Release)

This feature will allow you to pass any options to the map provider (for example, a custom style) in both Vertical and Universal Search. For sites built on the theme, this will apply to Universal Search (which uses the Answer Search UI’s map component). With ProviderOptions, You can specify a JSON object to pass through to the map provider (Google or Mapbox) in your mapConfig. There are a number of options you can specify under providerOptions to passthrough: See Google Options and Mapbox Options. If the options are not in JSON, they won’t be supported in this passthrough.

We cover the most common ones in this Unit here: Understanding Maps | Hitchhikers

Here is one example you can leverage within providerOptions for either Mapbox or Google Mapbox has several predefined styles and here is one example “light” styling for Mapbox:

"mapConfig": {
  "providerOptions": {
      "style": "mapbox://styles/mapbox/light-v9"

While previously this updated Vertical Search, this will now also render on Universal Search.

:eyes: Note that the Answers Search UI is on version v9 of Mapbox – any Mapbox styles should be referenced with v9, instead of v10. A future version of the Answers Search UI will be updated to include v10 support.

:spiral_calendar: This feature will be available in GA