Customise Schema Markup

Hi HH Community.

Is the ability to customise schema markup available via HH sandbox accounts? I couldn’t see it under the Knowledge Tags section in my HH account and was curious know if this feature was only enabled on Developer and Live Yext accounts.

Many thanks,


Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out - I’m actually not seeing this in any account at the moment, so I think this may be a larger issue. I have submitted this to our engineering team to take a look at, and I will let you know! Once we get to the bottom of that, we can confirm/dig into the playground account behavior.

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OK great, thanks for the quick reply Caroline, much appreciated. Sam

Hi Sam,

Following up to let you know that this has been resolved, and the “Customize markup” link should appear in all relevant accounts now - including in HH sandbox accounts!

Amazing! Thanks so much, I can confirm I see this option in the HH account. Thanks again, really appreciated, Sam

Hi team and @Caroline_Gould - just a quick message to say I can no longer see the Customise Schema Markup option since the latest release in HH/Sandbox accounts. Would it be possible to have this reactivated? Many thanks, Sam

Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out! Just to confirm - is this missing from the Knowledge Tags screen?

I am seeing the following in the HH Account I just created so I want to confirm that’s what is missing in your account so we can dig into this further, as it may be a specific issue vs a widespread one.

Hi - yes I’m seeing it in an older HH account and another (even older) sandbox demo account



@Caroline_Gould thanks for checking. It must have been a temporary issue my end. I can see everything fine now, Thanks, Sam