Floodlight Tag Hosting in Answers

Hi HH Community,

I had a question from a client today around “Floodlight Tags” and whether they should be implemented client side or Yext side when using the client hosted integration option. I’m not familiar with “Floodlight Tags” implementation, or in general, so wanted to paste the question below and get some advice.

“I have a question regarding the placement of Floodlight Tags to track CTA clicks on our Center Results. Since the Yext Answers Results Page is an embedded iframe on client.com, should the tags (attached) be placed on Yext’s backend rather than client.com itself? If that is the case, would you be able to help us get the attached tags placed?”

Any guidance here would be much apprecaited!

Hi Nico,

It sounds like we’ll need to place the tags in the Answers build. If they provide the snippet, you can “Override Theme” and edit the html.hbs file to include this script on every page in the Answers experience.