Knowledge Tags - Custom Fields and Custom Entities

Hello team,

When creating custom fields within an entity, does the client have to manually embed those custom fields according to the markup rules set here, or will the script tag snippet account for any custom fields created within an entity type?

With that, can Knowledge Tags be applied to custom entities?

Please note, the above two questions are for web pages built outside of Yext.


Hi @Rimi_Marke,

The answer to your questions can be found in this community post by Kristy, but pasting here for convenience!

Yes, you can use Knowledge Tags with your custom entity types! Custom entity types will show up in the list when you go to select which entities you want to add Knowledge Tags for.

Keep in mind that because custom entity types don’t have predetermined Knowledge Graph fields, you will need to manually configure the markup on these pages to ensure that your pages are eligible for rich search results.

Check out this unit on customizing markup and this help article on customizing markup using Knowledge Tags to see how.