Knowledge Tags - Support for Custom Entities

Hi all,

My client offers consulting services and products, and wants to create Pages for each individual one in order to increase visibility in search. They’d like to leverage Knowledge Tags to assist in adding Product schema to their pages.

We’ll be structuring these as custom entities in Yext. I’ve read our developer documentation for Knowledge Tags, but am not sure if custom entities can be used with Knowledge Tags. Is this something we currently support?

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Hi Amani,

Yes, you can use Knowledge Tags with your custom entity types! Custom entity types will show up in the list when you go to select which entities you want to add Knowledge Tags for.

Keep in mind that because custom entity types don’t have predetermined Knowledge Graph fields, you will need to manually configure the markup on these pages to ensure that your pages are eligible for rich search results.

Check out this unit on customizing markup and this help article on customizing markup using Knowledge Tags to see how.