Having hard time trying to understand what metrics belong to a dimension and what calls need to be made to retrieve certain data. Probably need to make several but looking to get back the following elements. Would anyone know the endpoints to each element?
Entity ID
Yext ID
Categories 1
Categories 2
Categories 3
Categories 4
Categories 5
Categories 6
Address > Line 1
Address > Line 2
Address > Sublocality
Address > City
Address > Region
Address > Postal Code
Address > Extra Description
Property Type
Store Name
Website URL No Tracking
Bing Tracking Tag
FB Tracking Tags
GMB Tracking Tag
PL Tracking Tag
TripAdvisor Tracking Tag
Yelp Tracking Tag
Last Updated

David - Hey are you looking for which metrics correspond to which dimensions in our Analytics Reports API?

If so, you can see that information in our documentation here by clicking Metrics in Analytics.

If you’re only looking to return those data points you mentioned above however, you can retrieve those from our Entities API.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Ok, TY

Would you know if your APIs have changed recently or since November of last year?

I asked because we use a 3rd party tool adverity to retrieve/fetch data from Yext. Sometime in November the team was able to fetch these fields but now when trying to fetch anything off entity_ids these metrics do not show.

I’m new to this team and just researching. Curious if this data was under a different dimension back then?

David - Do you know which API endpoint you were using originally that you’re no longer seeing this information available in?


No, The 3rd party tool we use (Adverity) does not expose that. At this time they only use Analytics and Account settings. So more than likely would only use those. Would this data ever been under them?

I’m actually trying to track down and ask as this data may have been provided straight from Yext not truly fetched from Adverity.