Entity Analytics Enhancements (February '22 Release)

Previously, users could only dimension Analytics metrics by only one of the All Entities, Folders, or Labels dimensions at a time. A user could therefore not, for example, view their Average Rating for Reviews by entity while also grouping by the Folders those entities were stored in.

With this change, we now allow users to combine the All Entities, Folders and Labels dimensions with any applicable Analytics metrics interchangeably.

To learn more about using metrics, dimensions, and filters to build reports for Answers, check out the Answers Analytics in Report Builder unit.

This feature is now available automatically in challenge accounts. You can turn it on in playground and developer accounts in Account Settings.

To turn it on in your Production account, you can fill out this form here and select “Entity Analytics Enhancements” from the list of features. During the Early Access period of the Spring ‘22 Release, you can turn on this feature yourself in Account Settings. It will automatically be turned on for all accounts at General Availability of the Spring ‘22 Release.

Hi there can you confirm are these enhancements available for analytics metrics for Listings, Reviews etc too?

Hi Laura,

Yes, these enhancements are available for all Analytics metrics, just as long as it’s applicable to the metrics being used, regardless of product area. You’ll see it for Listings and Reviews as well, but let us know if you run into any issues.