New Dimensions and Filters in Analytics (February '22 Release)

Additional dimensions/filters have been added to Report Builder so you can dive deeper into your Answers Analytics:

  • Answers Search Term Label: Label assigned to Answers Search Term
  • Has Direct Answer: Indicates whether a Search returned a Direct Answer.

The new Analytics API Call Performance is available in version 20220215 or greater, for example:{API_KEY}&v=20220215.

To learn more about using metrics, dimensions, and filters to build reports for Answers, check out the Answers Analytics in Report Builder unit.

The new dimensions/filters are now available automatically in challenge accounts. You can turn it on in playground and developer accounts in Account Settings.

To turn it on in your Production account, you can fill out this form here and select “New Dimensions / Filters / Metrics in Analytics” from the list of features. During the Early Access period of the Spring ‘22 Release, you can turn on this feature yourself in Account Settings. It will automatically be turned on for all accounts at General Availability of the Spring ‘22 Release.