First-Party Review Content & Intelligent Review Response for Healthcare (Fall '20 Release)

Updates to the Reviews system in this release, including a new process for de-identifying first-party content, mean that brands can now generate First-Party reviews and upload External First-Party reviews under the Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Facility entity types.

Yext’s de-identification process identifies and omits any electronic-Personal Health Information (e-PHI) from the review. Whether you want to replace all e-PHI with an omitted tag or delete the review entirely, the choice is yours. To reflect the stages of all First-Party content in Yext, there are two new reviews statuses:

  • Pending De-Identification - the review has not yet gone through Yext’s De-Identification process.
  • De-Identified - the review either contains no e-PHI, or the e-PHI was identified and replaced with an omitted tag.

De-Identified reviews are eligible for standard reviews features like Notifications, Sentiment Analysis, Review Response, and more. Additionally, de-identified review content is HIPAA-compliant and safe to publish on your provider and location pages.

In addition, Yext’s Intelligent Review Response feature is now supported for the Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Facility entity types, making personalizing your review responses to patients quicker and easier than ever. By harnessing the power of Sentiment Analysis, Intelligent Review Response helps you quickly identify the important keywords in each review, then uses those keywords and underlying sentiment as the dynamic building blocks for a personalized, on-brand response — every time.

To get started, you simply need to build pre-set options for the 4 components of an effective review response: the greeting, value statement, sentiment keywords, and closing.

When using Intelligent Review Response, you still have the ability to respond to reviews freely or use response templates from your text assets.

To learn more about First-Party Reviews or Intelligent Review Response, visit the Review Generation or Advanced Review Response training modules.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!