Product Update: Migration from to for Standard Review Collection Pages

Yext’s standard First Party Review Collection pages have historically been hosted on the domain. Here is an example page for a sample entity in one of our Demo Accounts:

With the Summer '21 Release, we rolled out Review Generation for All Entity Types, meaning that customers can collect reviews on any entity in Yext, rather than being limited to Location Entity Types. Since the domain doesn’t make much sense for non-location entity types, we’ve migrated all of our standard First Party Review Collection pages to a new domain: Check out this page for an example.

All pages will now redirect to the corresponding page on All new invitations send through Yext will include the link to the relevant review collection page on instead of The link on the entity profile has been updated to the new URL on

Future Update: Review Generation Email “From Address”
Currently, Review Invitation Emails sent from Yext send from for all non-Healthcare entity types. Eventually, all emails will be updated to send from We’ll be sure to post again when we make this change!