Google Performance API (Summer '22 Release)

Google Business Profile announced the release of its new Business Performance API in late June.

This new API allows businesses to capture additional user data and performance metrics across their listings.

By integrating with new endpoints offered by the Business Performance API, Yext will now be able to track:

  • Google Search Keywords
  • Number of Business Bookings
  • Number of Food Orders
  • Business Conversations (the number of messages received on the GBP listing)
  • Desktop vs. Mobile Views on Maps and Search

Each of these metrics are now available in the Report Builder.

To take advantage of these new metrics, you must turn the Summer ‘22 Release: Google Performance API (early access) feature on in Account Settings.

To learn more about Listings metrics in Analytics, visit our Location Listings Metrics reference doc.

Where can I find the Food Orders, Bookings and Conversations in Report Builder? I’ve checked under all the metric groups and don’t see those. Thanks, Liz