Google Search Keywords (Summer '22 Release)

Google’s new Business Performance API has introduced valuable new data: a monthly list of search keywords. This means that businesses will be able to track the search keywords that drove users to their Google Business Profile listing.

Users can now view this monthly list of keywords in Report Builder to understand which keywords did and did not drive engagement to their listing.

In order to take advantage of this feature, you must turn on the Summer ‘22 Release: Google Search Keywords (early access) feature in Account Settings.

When you navigate to Report Builder you can select the Google Search Term Impressions metric to view the list of search keywords used to find your business in Google search and maps. This can be dimensioned by the Raw Search Term dimension in Listings to give you a metric similar to what is shown below.

To learn more about Listings metrics in Analytics, visit our Location Listings Metrics reference doc.


How long after the feature has been activated will I be able to see the metric?

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Hi Lucas,

Thanks for reaching out! It should appear right away, as we have backfilled the data for the last year or so.

One note is that the dimension will not be available until next week. That said, if you have turned the feature on and are not seeing the metric in your account, please reach out to us directly with a link to the account so we can take a look!

Hi @Caroline_Gould
I am still not seeing the dimension in particular account.
How should I reach out to you?

Please let me know!

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HI what is the dimension we can select to view the list of keywords typed? Currently I cannot find “Serach keyword” when activating the feature in the early access as showed in the pics. Also how long will it take to see the logs of keywords? From my understanding to set this up client do not require to do any API set up.

Hi! We turned on this feature last Wednesday 8/1 and had to wait to see the dimension populate. Now that we are seeing the dimension in report builder we have yet to see data populate (see screenshot). Could this be because it is a monthly report and we have to wait until the data gets pulled from Google? Does the team have any idea when we can expect to see the data flow into Yext? Thank you very much for your help!

Hey Wilhelmina,

Can you try adding a time range larger than the last 7 days?


Hi Carlotta and @Kotoko_Igarashi,

You should be able to use Raw Search Term as the dimension name to view the list of keywords! Let me know if this works.


I now see the Search Term Impression data loading in Report Builder and the ability to dimension based on “Raw Search Term (Listings)”; however, it is only showing for the month of June, in spite of selecting longer time frames (i.e. “Last 4 Months”).

I know there was initially mention that we’d backfilled ~year worth of data. What, if anything, are the current limitations on this new metric?

Secondly, I’ve noticed that the aggregate total of “Google Search Term Impressions” does not equal Maps + Search Views for the same time period. I’m guessing that delta is because there are views/impressions that we don’t have query results for, but it’d be helpful to confirm / clarify because the delta is HUGE.



We are having our tech team look into the missing data by month.

Google Search Term Impressions and Maps/Search Views are completely different metrics from different data sources. They might be directionally the same, but are very unlikely to match up 1:1.


My “Google Search Term Impressions” options is grayed out. Just turned on this feature.

Hi James,

If the dimension selected (or other inputs in the Report Builder) doesn’t work with the “Google Search Term Impressions” metric, you’ll see it grayed out. By default the dimension “Days (Time)” is selected, which won’t work. If you change the dimension to “Raw Search Term,” which is what you’ll want to use here, you should be able to select “Google Search Term Impressions”.

Let us know if this doesn’t solve your issue!

Thanks, got it working.

Hey Calvin,

Thanks for the reply.

On the 2nd point, I hear you. I think it might just be worth clarifying that somewhere or making it explicit in the description in the platform. I’ve had clients ask this because we write it out in the release as “view the list of search keywords used to find your business in Google search and maps”.

All good on it being directionally the same and not exact, but the few examples I’ve looked at were millions of impressions different. Do we have a sense of how the Google Search Term Impressions are collected and what the subset is (I’m guessing it’s just excluding those that we can’t read the keyword on)?


Yea the search keyword data is a complete black box to us, so it’s hard to say for sure. We are performing some studies on the data now, so be on the lookout for more information soon.

Should you be able to filter keywords by entity or entity fields, like country? Or are they only available by business?

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thanks for the post it was helpful