Social Post Metrics in Posting API (Summer '22 Release)

Users can now track the performance of their social posts using the Yext Posting API. Performance metrics such as Clicks, Impressions, Likes, and more will now be returned in the Post: GET and Posts: LIST endpoints. These metrics include:

  • Post Impressions (Google, Facebook)
  • Post Clicks (Google, Facebook)
  • Post Reactions (Facebook-only)
    • “Like” (an aggregated count of both “Like” and “Care” reactions)
    • “Love”
    • “Haha”
    • “Wow”
    • “Sad”
    • “Angry”

For more information, see our API documentation on Entity Post.

Hi team,

A client has asked if it would be possible to pull this data into Google Analytics via the Posting API. Do you know if this can be done?


@Teddy_Riker may be able to give more info here!

Hi Colleen,

This should be possible with some custom work! Unfortunately, we don’t have an app directory integration for getting post metrics into Google Analytics as of today. This would be a great feature request for the Hitchhiker ideas board though!


Great, thanks Teddy!