New Dimension/Filter: Search Term Word Count (March '22 Release)

We’ve added a new dimension/filter in Report Builder to Answers Analytics. When creating custom dashboards or reports in the Analytics platform, users can now add search term word count as a filter or dimension. This provides a helpful tool for users looking to understand how queries may vary between longer and shorter searches.

Feature Name: Spring '22: New Dimensions / Filters / Metrics in Analytics 2

How to get this feature:

  • March ‘22 Monthly Release

    • Challenge accounts: This feature is automatically turned on.
    • Playground/Developer accounts: Turn on this feature yourself in Account Settings.
    • Production accounts: Fill out this form for Yext to turn it on for you.
  • Early Access of the Spring ‘22 Release: Turn on this feature yourself in Account Settings.

  • General Availability of the Spring ‘22 Release: This feature will automatically be turned on for all accounts.

Hi Kristy! Do you have a detailed use case example for how to setup a report that could leverage this dimension? Also, will this be available as a metric in the future to be able to report on average search word count?

Hey Coleen,

Here’s an example of a report you could make with search term word count as a dimension. I’m sure there are many other examples!

By dimensioning the number of searches by search term word count, you can see that in this demo account, users typically run searches that are two words long and there’s a bell curve around two.

You can post in the Ideas board with adding search term word count as a metric.