Hidden Listings for Unsupported Categories (Fall '20 Release)

Not all publishers in the Knowledge Network support every type of business. For example, some publishers like OpenTable and UberEats only accept data from Food Service businesses.

Previously, if your business was not supported on a publisher, you would still receive an Unavailable reason for those listings in Yext. This sometimes gave the false expectation that your listings weren’t optimized, or you needed to update your data in order to sync your listings.

Now, listings for unsupported categories will be hidden in Yext. Meaning, if you’re a financial services customer, for example, you will no longer see an unavailable listing for a publish like PostMates (where it didn’t make sense for your business to be listed in the first place). This then gives you a more accurate reflection of your listing statuses so you know which listings are truly unavailable and need to be fixed.

To learn more about Unavailable Reasons, visit the Understanding and Troubleshooting Unavailable Listings unit in the Listings Status training module.

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