How can I find the ID of a label in the new entities2 view?

In the new entities2 view of KG, how can I find the ID of a label? I used to just inspect it and the ID was a data attribute, but that seems to have disappeared with the newest update. Has this been moved somewhere that I can’t find? I also checked the DOM in the list of labels to filter entities by and where you add a label in entity edit, but no such luck in either place.

Hi Isaac,

If you filter to a specific Label within Entity Search, then you will be able to see the selected label’s ID in the URL.

As you can see in the above screenshot, when I am filtered to a specific label, the URL format after entities2# is as follows: p0=labels&p1=includes&p2=140037. The number following the p2 param (in this example it is 140037) is the ID of the label used in the API.

I should note that we also have a roadmap item to make it much easier for users to find the ID for Labels within the UI coming soon.