How does Yext prioritize conflicting query rules?

My client asked the following question -

How does YEXT resolve if there are key terms hitting multiple query rules (conflict)?

    • Scenario: If the user is a member of role X and is searching for the word “state regulations” at location Z. Let’s say we have a query rule to boost specific pages for the mentioned search term when you are role X; Furthermore, we have a query rule to burry some pages for that search term if you are searching in location Z, how is it resolved eventually? Is this calculated mathematically?

Do we have documentation or a HH module on this that I can pass along to them?

Hi Carolyn,

I wasn’t able to find documentation on HH for this (though this would certainly be helpful to have), but I can provide an answer directly.

In most cases, if Search encounters two query rules that are active at the same time and have contradictory actions (which is the scenario I’m assuming they’re referring to, the example they used was a bit hard to follow), they cancel each other out so that neither query rule is fired.

We do provide error handling in a couple of cases when configuring the rules themselves. For instance, we throw an error in the following scenarios when the user tries to save the configuration:

  • A user tries to create two rules with the same criteria and boosts a vertical in one rule and buries the same vertical in the other

  • A user tries to create two rules where there is a boost or bury on an entity or vertical in one rule, and a pinned result is applied in the other rule that doesn’t contain the entity or vertical boosted/buried in the first rule

Let me know if this answers their question!