Improved Entity Detection in Search Tracker (Summer '22 Release)

The Search Tracker makes it easy to measure how your brand appears in search wherever and however your customers are searching. This summer, we’ve made it an even more powerful tool by including the alternate website (in addition to the website) of an entity as a part of our matching process when tracking how your entities rank in search.

Historically, Search Tracker would look for your location’s name and URL in the search results, based on the other fields for that location in the Knowledge Graph. Now, it will also look for Alternate URL when you have that field filled out in the Knowledge Graph.

This update will improve Search Tracker’s ability to track entities that may appear in search under multiple sites, particularly when these sites are on different domains.

You can still add additional alternate Names and Websites when you configure Search Tracker if there are additional names or misspellings you want to look out for.

To leverage this feature, you will need to enable the Summer 22: Improved Entity Detection in Search Tracker (early access) feature in your account.

For full details on how to set up Search Tracker, visit our Get Started with Search Tracker and Competitive Intelligence guide.

Will it be beneficial for services based websites like Carpet cleaners Clarksville TN so that I could present this model the owner of the company. So that we could also use for our company. As we have added our company name and url in the search console but still we are not showing in the google. Will this feature fix our google showing issue?

Hi Cluencam,

Search Console and showing up in Google is not controlled by Yext. You’ll want to troubleshoot directly through Google. Perhaps this help article from their website will be helpful: