Industry Overview & Product Basics, Module 4 Module Assessment

Given that “Delivery Hours” is a required field for restaurant entity-type, there is duplicate “Delivery Hours” content by creating a custom field for it within this module.

deliveryHours and c_deliveryHours

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for flagging and great point. Delivery Hours is a new built in field as part of our Spring Release. We’ll adjust the challenge to reference this new field.


Hello my name is Vuong i have trouble to submit the Assessment for the Module 4

Could you tell me if there’s any issue?

Best regards


Hi Vuong,

It looks like you have a typo in one of your options “Business fo Dinner” instead of “Business For Dinner”. To fix, delete that option, save and re-add it. Make sure the API name matches!

Let me know if you have any other questions.