Jambo Card Issue with Name Replacement (February '22 Release)s

We have corrected an issue where using the original card name in the name of a forked card resulted in an improperly named class name for the card.

For example, using the Jambo command “Add Card” to add a card named standard-override with the standard card as a template should result in a card with class standard_overrideCardComponent (shown in line 3 of the card component.js file). However certain cards were added with class standard-override_overrideCardComponent which would not bring in the proper structure and styling of the card. This has now been fixed.

Upgrade Implications:

If you previously forked a card and included the original card name and a hyphen in the card name, check that the class name in the card component.js file is named properly. If not, re-fork the card after upgrading your theme. Additionally, if you forked files in the commands folder, you will need to update them based on this commit:
Fix jambo add card command (#1036) · yext/answers-hitchhiker-theme@10c516d · GitHub.