License Pack Notes (Summer '21 Release)

To improve the Assign License flow for admins who have more than one set of the same license pack on different agreements, we’re introducing License Pack Notes. This column in the Assign License UI can be populated with a note to describe and differentiate each license pack, ensuring admins assign the license from the correct agreement.

Hi there! How do I add License Pack Notes?

Hi Alison, and welcome to the Community!

Right now, this is not something that customers can add themselves. This is primarily added by Yext’s internal teams when they are configuring the license packs on the backend for an account.

If License Notes need to be added to an account, we recommend reaching out to Support or your Client Success Manager.

Then, these notes will be visible when a user is adding services to an entity within their account, as you can see here in the ‘License Description’ column: