Apps with Configuration (Summer '21 Release)

Save time configuring accounts and build more powerful and functional apps for the App Directory with the new Apps with Configuration feature. You can now add configuration resources to your apps to automatically install configuration in accounts.

This feature unlocks so many new possibilities. You can create an app that installs premade entity types or Answers configurations for an account. Partners can also leverage this to apply the configuration to sub-accounts.

To create an App:

  1. Navigate to your Developer account. Or click here to create one!
  2. Click on the + New App button.
  3. Enter the App Name, contact details and the API you would like to leverage with this App.
  4. Enter any additional App Details like App Type.
  5. Add an account configuration by clicking Import from Github and entering a Github link.

Once you enter the link you will see the resources that are intended to be applied to the account upon installation — this can include Page Builder templates, Answers experiences, entities, saved filters — anything that is included in the Configuration Resources documentation.

Once you create an app, you can either keep it as a ‘private app’ that you will leverage within your own account, or you can submit it to be included in the Yext App Directory — making it a ‘public app’ that can be used by anyone.

For full steps to create a guide, visit the Create an App developer guide.

Have any feedback or questions? Leave us a note in the Community here.

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Just looking for a bit of clarity here - how are Apps with Configuration different from Solution Templates? Or are they the same thing?

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I had the same question as Jessie! I also wanted to clarify if the configuration associated with an app is only applied once, during installation? If configuration associated with an app was edited after the app was installed, would that delta be applied to all accounts with the app installed? And lastly, in what circumstances would you choose to use an App with Configuration vs Applying Configuration directly in an account? Thanks!

Hey @jyorke and @mhupman,

Great questions! Solution Templates are effectively examples of pre-built Apps with Configuration. That being said, Apps provide more flexibility than Solution Templates in that you can build your own through a Developer Account and include things like API Integrations in addition to Configuration Resources.

The configuration associated with an App or Solution Template is only applied once during installation. If the Configuration Resources within an App were updated, the delta would not automatically be applied to all accounts with the App installed.

When to use a Solution Template versus an App with Configuration really depends on the use case. Solution Templates are great starting points, offering purposefully generic configurations to ensure versatility. Apps allow you to leverage more heavily customized configurations, as well as API integrations, that go beyond what you’d find in a Solution Template.

Let me know if you have any other questions!