Listings Track - Module 8 Assessment

Hi Team - I’m having issues with Question 3 of 3.

Which of the following Unavailable Listings would you take action on? (Select all that apply)

  • Data Issue
  • Publisher Limitation
  • Linked Account Issue
  • Verification

It seems that all except “verification” are correct based on the Unit 4 reading.

  • Data issues and linked account issues require our input to resolve, but can still be escalated
  • While there are some issues that have publisher limitations, these issues just take longer to resolve
  • I don’t see anything about Verification in the reading

@Kristy_Huang - Is it just the wording of the question that I’m not understanding?

Hi Tanya,

Great question!

So, Verification is actionable (as well as the other two Unavailable reasons you mentioned in your post.

In unit two of this module we mention:

  • Verification: This indicates that the listing is pending verification from the publisher.

This unavailable reason will be listed until verification has been requested for the Listing. Once the verification process is kicked off it will be marked as ‘Processing’.

You will also learn more about Verification in the Google My Business module, as that is where this is particularly relevant.

Let me know if that makes sense! We can always reword the Verification bullet, or the question — I just want to make sure this question is clear for you and future Hitchhikers!

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