New COVID Vaccination Requirement Fields (September '21 Release)

With this release, two new built-in fields are being added to the Knowledge Graph to help you add information related to COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Proof of Vaccination Required

  • This is a Yes/No field and will be available to the Location, Restaurant, and Hotel entity types

Fully Vaccinated Staff

  • This is a Yes/No field, available to the Location, Restaurant, Hotel, and Healthcare Facility entity types.

To add vaccination requirements to the Knowledge Graph and publish it on Yelp: Navigate to the entity you would like to edit, and click on the Fully Vaccinated Staff or Proof of Vaccination Required field and select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

Data added to these fields will be sent to Yelp and reflected on listings. We will continue to provide updates when these fields are sent to additional publishers.

For more information about how this data will be reflected on Yelp listings, visit the Yelp Accepts ‘Fully Vaccinated Staff’ and ‘Proof of Vaccination Required’ Fields community post.

To have these fields added to your Yext Production account, visit this form and select the New Listings Fields checkbox.

Hi there,

I noticed for healthcare professional/facilities I am not seeing the “proof of vaccination required” field available. I cross-referenced this with location entities in the same account which do have this field available. I have some example locations that I’d be happy to provide offline but hoping someone could share some insight if there is something that needs to be enabled for all entity types to have access to the “proof of vaccination required” field.
Thank you in advance

Hi Becca,

The “Fully Vaccinated Staff” and “Proof of Vaccination Required” fields are only available to the Location, Restaurant, and Hotel entity types, which is why you’re seeing it on the Location entities, but not Healthcare Professional/Facilities entities in the same account. The reason for this is we added these fields based on what Yelp supports.

I can see how these fields could also be helpful for Healthcare Professional/Facilities and we can talk to our Product team about adding these fields to other entity types. However, keep in mind they would not feed to Yelp Listings since Yelp does not support it. Would these fields still be useful for you? How would you use the data?