New Knowledge Graph Fields - Hotel & Timezone (Fall '20 Release)

We’re always adding more built-in fields to our Knowledge Graph that are optimized to the endpoints we support, like Listings or Pages.

This release we’re excited to make 2 important updates.

Hotel Cleanliness Fields

Hospitality brands can now store and structure details about their hotels and room cleanliness with new fields in the Knowledge Graph. With 27 added fields, you can better provide your customers with essential details regarding cleaning and sanitation measures you have taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitality brands with Yext Listings can sync the data stored in these fields directly to Google. Example cleanliness fields include: enhanced cleaning of guest rooms, plexiglass used, sanitizer available, and masks required.

Timezone Field

You might not know this, but Yext has been storing the Timezone for any location-based entities for years. Based on the location’s lat/lon, we calculate the timezone and store it for you so that we can do things like apply Scheduled Updates at midnight local time of the entity.

We are now making this field available for all users to update directly. We’ll continue to populate it for any entities that have addresses whenever you add or update an address. You can update this field just like any other field in the graph – via Entity Edit, Upload, and API!

To learn more about how to update your data in Yext, visit the Ways to Update Your Data training module.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!

Hi! Question about the Time Zone Field Available in Entity Edit. Will this have any impact on other tabs like analytics?

Another question for Time Zone Field Available in Entity Edit: Would this impact on how and when reviews are pulled into the platform?

Hey there,

This does not have any impact on tabs like analytics or how reviews are pulled into the platform. This will only impact when scheduled updates are applied on a per entity basis. Some customers may also choose to use the field for custom logic in their Custom Development pages.