Password Security Enhancements (Winter '21 Release)

This release we are making an enhancement to improve password security — specifically as it pertains to resetting passwords. From now on, users will no longer be able to change another user’s password.

Moving forward, when viewing another user, you will only have the option to ‘Send user a password reset email’. This will trigger a password reset email to the user so you can prompt them to change their password on their own.

When creating new users, you will still have the option to ‘set a specific password’ to set the initial password for new users.

Also, there is no change to personal settings — users will still be able to reset their own password in the Yext platform as they had previously.

Turn on the Winter '21: Password Security Enhancements (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period.

You can learn more about user management and permissions in the Users training module.