Publisher Alerts (Winter '21 Release)

With the Winter ‘21 release, you can now see messages displayed in the platform when a publisher is experiencing an outage or another widespread technical problem. If a publisher is experiencing an issue, you will see an alert icon next to the publisher’s name on the Publishers tab. Hovering over the alert icon on the Publishers page will show you a quick publisher alert message. Clicking on the alert icon will take you to the Publishers Details Page, where you will see a Publisher Alert banner with more information.

Alert displaying on the Publishers page:

Alert displaying on Publisher Details Page:

To view a publisher alert:

  1. Hover over Listings in the top navigation bar and click on the Publishers sub-tab.
  2. Hover over the alert icon next to the publisher’s name to display the alert message, or click on the alert icon. This will bring you to the Publisher Details Page where you can also see which listings may be affected by this alert.
    • Note: Publisher Alerts will only appear when a publisher is experiencing a technical issue.

Turn on the Winter ‘21: Publishers Tab & Publisher Detail Pages (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period.

For more information about viewing and managing Listings visit the Listings training module.