Removing Locale From Name

It’s recommended to remove the entity location from the name and only have the brand name appear for all entities. E.g. ‘brand London’, ‘brand Cardiff’, etc. Having the location in the name in the knowledge graph means its easy to quickly see which entity you want to look at. Is there a way of having the location appear clearly in the knowledge graph, without it being published?

Hi Jo,

Since the name that is published for a location comes from the “Name” field, you can store the entity location in another field, such as “Geomodifier”. Then you can display the field in your entity preview or as a column in the Knowledge Graph Entities screen.

For example, for our Yext locations, we use the location city as the entity ID. We’ve added this to both the entity preview and as a column in the Entities screen, which makes it easy for us to scan for the location we’re looking for.

Another idea is to add the Address to the entity preview. If you don’t have the location in a separate field currently, the address provides enough information on the entity location.

I know this is an old post but we are just considering the same move. Removing location descriptors.
Is that still the best practice and anything we should be mindful of when making the switch?