Review Response Notifications

Hello Community,

In an effort to ensure that our wealth advisors are responding to all reviews, our marketing team would like to send a notification to an advisor if a review has not been responded to within 5 business days.

I tried replicating this in a playground account, and it does not seem like this exact use case is possible given the current notification setup. I found a decent workaround and wanted to confirm whether or not the following configuration makes sense given the criteria above.

What type of notification would you like to set up? Reviews
What would you like to include in the notification? New reviews awaiting response
In what format would you like the notification? Reviews in the email, unless there are more than 25
At what frequency would you like to receive the notifications? Weekly on Monday
Who would you like to send this notification to? Specific user role

Thank you in advance!

Hi Austin,

Thanks for reaching out - this is a great question for the Community! And yes, confirming that this looks like a good workaround for the use case you outlined.

Also, while this workaround does work for your use case, you can also always submit an Idea for any product requests you may have.