Reviews Webhook Updates (May '21 Release)

The Reviews webhook now offers comprehensive status messages to provide even more clarity and precision than before. These logic updates will make it easy for you and your team to track the status of reviews.

We will now send REVIEW_UPDATED messages whenever a review status changes, so you can be notified as soon as a review is approved from Quarantined to Live, or if a review is recognized as Removed from the publisher and the status is updated to Removed accordingly in Yext. This update ensures any external system can stay in sync by always being aware of the correct status in Yext.

We additionally added a new webhook event type called REVIEW_DELETED. This webhook event will fire when the review is actually deleted from our system, not when a review is simply marked with the “REMOVED” status. For more information about the difference between a review with “Removed” status and a review deleted from Yext, please see the Manage Deleted Reviews Behavior help article.

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My understanding is that review “removed” will not appear in certain countries due to their data privacy laws e.g. the UK and those European countries covered by GDPR… For these countries the review will be deleted from the Yext platform. Is this correct?

Yes that is correct! For any countries which are subject to GDPR, reviews which are removed from the web by the reviewer will be deleted permanently from Yext systems.

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Thanks for confirming Jesse