Deleting Reviews

What would be the purpose of deleting a review from the Yext platform if it’s not being deleted from the publisher site?

Users can delete individual third-party reviews from the Yext platform by clicking on the combo button to the right of a review and clicking Delete . This does not delete reviews from the publisher; if the review still exists on the publisher, it will be re-pulled into the Yext platform.

Hi Tanya!

We originally built this before we had the functionality to automatically detect when reviews have been removed from the publisher site, to allow customers to manually delete reviews which had been removed from the publisher. However, there are still a few use cases where this feature is relevant!

  • Occasionally, customers are temporarily matched to the wrong listing, resulting in irrelevant reviews being pulled in. In this case, you might want to delete these irrelevant reviews permanently rather than have them show as ‘Removed’ in the platform.
  • If you wanted all Removed reviews to just be deleted from the platform permanently, you would just choose “Removed Reviews are Deleted from the Platform” as your Compliance Setting; however if you just wanted to delete a review permanently as a one-off, then you would leverage this feature.
  • Additionally, if a customer is using the “Removed Reviews are Deleted from the Platform” and they notice a review has been removed from the publisher but hasn’t yet been deleted from Yext (due to scan cadence), they can delete the review preemptively.