Search Term Clusters (Fall '20 Release)

Your customers are constantly asking your business questions in many different ways. Whether you receive a large or modest amount of traffic, understanding what your customers need to know can quickly become overwhelming.

While customers may ask questions in a number of ways, they often express the same intent when doing so.

Take for example these Search Terms:

  • “How do I pay my bill?”
  • “Where do I pay my bill?”

They both convey the same intent to “pay my bill.” With Search Term Clustering, we can easily group, filter, and export Search Terms like these with similar intent using the power of BERT and other NLP techniques so that you can more easily understand and address your customers’ needs at scale.

With this release, you’ll notice a new way of filtering across different criteria in your Search Terms screen. Learn more about filtering by Clusters and exporting in the Clusters Unit.


Thanks for sharing @afarooque! I’ve been hoping for a feature like this so I am excited. This will help me assess and improve my search results much faster!

Is there a way to edit automated Clusters and/or add our own Clusters? For example, I’d like to see all searches related to our app directory integrations. There are also repetitive automated clusters in our account. Thanks!

@Isalyn_Connell Currently there is no way to edit or define your own Clusters within Answers.

However we do have a feature on our roadmap that will you to manually group any Search Terms you’d like together so we’ll keep you updated when we roll that out.


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Hey All,

Do we have any thoughts on when that new roadmap feature might be released? And if it won’t be happening in the immediate future, what would be the best recommendation?

As of now, I’m thinking of having my client export the search terms and then cluster on their end. That does lead to my concern for the future: If they do cluster manually, with this roadmap item, are we planning to allow for uploads of clusters into the platform? Or would they just need to start from scratch with the new UI upload?

Completely understand a lot of this information won’t have an answer available right away but any information would be great to help guide my client!