Social Posting in API v2 (Spring ‘22 Release)

In the Spring’ 22 Release, we are adding Social Posting API functionality to our Knowledge API v2. With seven new endpoints dedicated to posting, users can create and update dynamic social campaigns across multiple entities at once and monitor how their customers engage with the content through comments, click, and impression metrics. This new version will support CRUD operations on social posts. Most notably, users who integrate directly with our new Posting API will benefit from the following expanded functionality:

  • Specify if a post requires approval
  • Schedule posts
  • Edit scheduled posts
  • View post analytics by location-post
  • Create Posts on Google with the following Topic Types:
    • EVENT
    • ALERT
  • Create Posts on Google with the following Calls-to-Action:
    • BOOK
    • ORDER
    • SHOP
    • SIGN_UP
    • CALL

A Listings subscription is required to utilize the Posting endpoints.

Visit our Social API Documentation for more details.

Do you have any plan to implement multi-pictures posting and video posting?

Hi @Tsuyoshi_Koga

Thanks for asking! If you’d like to see this on the roadmap and get an update on the status, the best thing to do is post on our feature request board called Ideas: HH Ideas

Our Product Manager for Social will get back to you on the Ideas board.