Universal Prompts not showing on Staging Search Bar

Hi Team,

I’m working on an answers integration and we are having some trouble getting the universal search prompts to appear in the staging environment. The prompts are appearing correctly on the staging results page, so the issue is specific to the client-created search bar on the main domain.

I also noticed that the search bar in the header does not exist on the search results page. I’m not sure if these are related.

Any suggestions here would be appreciated!

cc: @jyorke

Hey Devon,

The search results page looks great and the integration was done correctly. However, there’s one discrepancy between the search bar on the main domain and the integration instructions. The client should actually set experienceVersion: "PRODUCTION", rather than v.1.8.2 as they did in their HTML. Could you have them make this update and see if it fixes the issue?

To your second question, you actually don’t need a search bar in the header on the results page since there is one in the experience already.

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This resolved the issue. Thanks Kristy!