What does it mean when my conversion tracking report shows a fractional conversion?

Hi, in my conversion tracking analytics reports, I’m seeing fractional conversions, like “4.37” or “1.99” for my tag conversion setup.

What does this mean?

@Ben_McGinnis Good question!

Fractional conversions occur when you have a Conversion Action which uses a linear attribution model. With a linear attribution model, every click that occurs before the conversion is given partial credit for the conversion.

For example, lets say your tag conversion was triggered when someone lands on an Order Confirmation page and prior to that Conversion a user engaged (clicked) on three Yext products (clicked three pages buttons or answers or listings, etc) then each click would get credit for that one conversion so 1 / 3 clicks = 0.33 per Click.

In your case the entity you were looking at in your report was one click of many in the journey hence the fractional value.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Thanks so much mike for the answer!