Yext adding services to duplicate listings, unable to remove ourselves because of minimum term limit

Hello. On occasion when our API pushes to yext, it creates a duplicate entity in knowledge graph. Up until now, one listing would have our standard services added and the duplicate’s service additions would go into review, before then cancelling. Therefore, it wasn’t a huge deal. We’d just wait for the service addition to cancel and then delete the duplicate entity. However, in the past few days, Yext is failing to identify that the listing is a duplicate and is adding services to both perfectly matching entities. I’m very concerned that this may also be applying to clients who may have yext services through other vendors. There would be no way for us to know that two sets of services are active for that client at that location and they would very likely conflict with each other. Please look into this as soon as possible. I’m concerned that this may be a system wide issue.

Let’s give this a bump I guess?

Hi Seania,

Sorry to hear that you are having this issue! We are taking a look at the account and this has been escalated to our support team to determine if it is a larger system issue. I will let you know of any updates.

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