Yext Hosted Integration - Cannot include trailing '.' in CNAME record

Hi All,

I just finished building my Answers experience and am in the process of integrating! I created a CNAME record and pointed it to However, I continued to get a 404 error when trying to navigate to the subdomain above.

After further review, I realized that I did not include the trailing ‘.’ in the CNAME record. I followed up with my IT team, and unfortunately, I was told that our system does not allow trailing dots. It errors out when we try to enter the trailing dot.

Does anyone have a recommendation as to how I can proceed despite not being able to include the trailing ‘.’ in the CNAME record?

Thank you,

Hi Austin,

Some DNS providers actually take care of the trailing dot automatically so that might have been the issue. You can enter the domain into an online tool such as Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email to check whether the CNAME record has been set up. Remember that you’ll need to publish your Answers experience before you are able to see anything on the subdomain.