Yext Lightning Component for Experience Builder not working

Hello Excellent Yext folks,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:

We’ve installed the Search Bar component, and are now trying to get the Search Results Page to function. After publishing, we see this:

I’m wondering if we need to add certain URLs to our CSP trusted sites. I didn’t see anything about this on the doc.

Would appreciate any help on this.


Hi Tara,

There could be a few problems here, either related to your Salesforce or Yext configuration.

Have you configured your help site component in the admin UI? And added the necessary permissions to the Canvas package?

Is there a component that’s displaying that error? Have you placed the results page component there? It seems to be rendering the search bar above correctly.

To investigate please open a ticket (and cc me) with screenshots of the configuration of your Yext components in Salesforce, the package permission settings, and the layout of the experience builder page you’re seeing this error on, and I can help you investigate further.