Zendesk and Yext Integration Issue

We recently integrated Zendesk with our Yext account. Now, we are getting two support tickets for every review. One appears to be coming from the app, and another appears to be coming from a no-reply Yext email address. How can we turn off the tickets that are not coming from the app? Also, it is showing our customer support manager as the one who pushed in the ticket into Zendesk, and thus she is getting an email for every ticket from the app via the autoreply we have on our support email.

Any insight/help would be appreciated!

Hi Grace,

Can you confirm that you installed the Zendesk for Reviews app from the app directory in your account? Did you also set up review notifications in your Yext account to go to a Zendesk alias when you receive reviews?

In terms of the email address that is set as the requester, that is expected functionality of the app. The way the app works is that when someone leaves a review on a publisher we send a ticket to your Zendesk. However, we do not receive emails from Google or Facebook or any of the other publishers for the person that has left the review. This means that we aren’t able to set the requester as the person who left the review since we don’t know who it is. Therefore we have it set so that the person that authenticates with the app is the requester. One option is that you could authenticate into the Zendesk app with one of the aliases used instead of a specific user and that could help with the notifications going to one person.

We are looking into alternatives for how we can update the app in the future to have a dynamic requester and you can follow along this idea for updates.

Thank you!

Hi Dana,

Adding in the last reply from Ellie and Grace, hoping you can shed some light!

Hi Damie,

We saw that Hitchhikers response, and did install the Zendesk for Reviews app from the app directory in the account. How would we authenticate the app with an alias? I have tried to do so, but it automatically uses the email with which I am logged into Zendesk. We cannot figure out which Yext account is sending the reviews to bark@hollywoodfeed.com and thus Zendesk right now either.

Thank you,

Hey Damie,

  1. We suggest they logout of their Zendesk account before re-installing the Zendesk for Reviews app so they can manually authenticate with an alias account.
  2. Regarding the duplicate emails, are review notifications configured in the Yext account? You can check here.