Build Digital Experiences with Yext

The Yext Platform can be flexibly deployed to create seamless multi- or omni-channel journeys that span search engines, social channels, websites, apps, intranets, chatbots, voice assistants, and more.

The foundation of the Yext Platform is the Knowledge Graph; a headless CMS that can deliver content via a robust set of APIs. Your Knowledge Graph content can be used to construct SEO-optimized web pages, enable modern AI-powered search, power 3rd party experiences like listings or reviews, and more.
Create a Search Frontend
Choose how you want to integrate Search with your apps or websites — for faster development use our Search UI SDK, for more flexibility Search Core, and for full control use the Search API directly.
Account Configuration
Update Your Account Configuration
Use the Yext CLI to manage your account's configuration resources locally. Manage things like entity schema, fields, saved filters, Search configs, site templates, and more.
Push Data In or Out of Yext
Build API integrations between Yext and your systems to sync Entity Data, Analytics, Listings Statuses, Reviews, and more. Use webhooks to keep both systems in sync.
Knowledge API
Use our Knowledge API to push or pull data from the Knowledge Graph, Analytics, Reviews, or Listings in or out of Yext. Use this API to connect Yext to your other systems and use Webhooks to keep systems in sync.
Search API
Use the Search API to integrate into your applications so you can return NLP-based search results, including direct answers, highlighted text, and facets.
Live API
Use the Live API to surface entity information for any consumer-facing applications such as locators, mobile apps, email applications, in-store receipts, and more.
Administrative API
Use our Admin API if you are a partner looking to create and manage sub-accounts for your customers and their subscriptions / SKUs — all in one call.
CLI and CaC Documentation
Yext CLI
Use the Yext CLI to programmatically update your configuration resources, like Knowledge Graph Schema, Search Configuration, or Conversion Actions, without ever logging into the Yext platform.
Config-as-Code Resources
Our Configuration-as-Code Resources allow you to view or manage your account's configuration using JSON instead of a GUI interface. You can manage these resources via the CLI or the Admin Console.
Check out the following resources to learn how to build first-party search experiences on your website, app, and more — including the core concepts of Search, details of our React Component Library, and supported features and functionality.
Leverage the following resources to build SEO-ready landing pages. Users developing on Pages can find information on things like: the structure of our starter repo, configuration files, components, and data fetching. Users leveraging Page Builder can find details on our built-in module library.
Check out the following resources to understand the core concepts of our platform — including an overview of account features, and details on user permissions.
Check out the following resources to learn how you can use Connectors to bring data into and out of the Knowledge Graph — including details on supported data transforms to help you easily import data from its source into supported fields and entities.
Leverage the following resources to understand the details of the dimensions, metrics, and insights available in Analytics; and how you use these data points to understand and optimize your user experiences.
Knowledge Graph
Leverage the following resources to learn how to import, store, and structure your data as real-world entities and their relationships — including details on supported field types, and Knowledge Graph system limits.
Leverage the following resources to learn how to monitor, respond, generate & analyze reviews — including details on our reviews integrations, and supported features and functionality.
Leverage the following resources to learn how to publish your data across Yext's Publisher Network and showcase rich content about your business online — including Listings status definitions, details on our integration types, and supported functionality.
Check out the following resources to understand the core concepts of Streams and how to set them up — including the stream properties for Knowledge Graph, Reviews, and ReviewsAgg sources.
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