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Yext is a search platform that helps you to answer questions about your brand, everywhere customers are asking them.

Built on a knowledge graph — a brainlike database — Yext Answers empowers you to build natural language search experiences using a unique three algorithm approach. Take advantage of best-in-class features like dynamic reranking, featured snippets, and query rules, whether you’re building site search, support search, doctor finders, or any other search experience.
Create an Answers Frontend
Choose how you want to integrate Answers with your apps or websites — for faster development use our Search UI SDK, for more flexibility Answers Core, and for full control use the Answers API directly.
Account Configuration
Update Your Account Configuration
Use the Yext CLI to manage your account's configuration resources locally. Manage things like entity schema, fields, saved filters, Answers configs, site templates, and more.
Push Data In or Out of Yext
Build API integrations between Yext and your systems to sync Entity Data, Analytics, Listings Statuses, Reviews, and more. Use webhooks to keep both systems in sync.
Knowledge API
Use our Knowledge API to push or pull data from the Knowledge Graph, Analytics, Reviews, or Listings in or out of Yext. Use this API to connect Yext to your other systems and use Webhooks to keep systems in sync.
Answers API
Use the Answers API to integrate into your applications so you can return NLP-based search results, including direct answers, highlighted text, and facets.
Live API
Use the Live API to surface entity information for any consumer-facing applications such as locators, mobile apps, email applications, in-store receipts, and more.
Administrative API
Use our Admin API if you are a partner looking to create and manage sub-accounts for your customers and their subscriptions / SKUs — all in one call.
SDK & Library Documentation
Answers Headless React
Answers Headless React is a series of React bindings that make it easier to create a search experience in React. To get up and running with Answers Headless React, developers can use our React Site Search Starter, a sample app complete with universal and vertical search pages, and React components for search.
Answers Search UI SDK
Use the Answers Search UI SDK to build an Answers search experience using our pre-configured components (using vanilla JS). This is best if you want to customize layouts, add your own stylesheet, and/or want to host the search experience on your own domain without an iframe.
Answers Core SDK
Use the Answers Core SDK to build an Answers search experience within your own framework (React, Vue, Angular, etc). This is best if you don't want to deal with constructing your own network requests but want the flexibility of an API.
CLI and CaC Documentation
Yext CLI
Use the Yext CLI to programmatically update your configuration resources, like Knowledge Graph Schema, Answers Configuration, or Conversion Actions, without ever logging into the Yext platform.
Config-as-Code Resources
Our Configuration-as-Code Resources allow you to view or manage your account's configuration using JSON instead of a GUI interface. You can manage these resources via the CLI or the Admin Console.
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Guides are step-by-step instructions to accomplish a specific goal. You may find guides helpful if you aren’t quite ready to take on the full training but need to complete a task such as launching an Answers experience as quickly as possible.
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