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Welcome to Yext's Documentation Hub. This is your one-stop-shop for getting started guides, product reference and API docs, as well as other resources to help support you building with the Yext platform. Be sure to join our community for help along the way.
Management API
Use our Management API to push or pull data from the Content, Analytics, Reviews, or Listings in or out of Yext. Use this API to connect Yext to your other systems.
Content Delivery API
Use the Content Delivery API to surface entity information for any consumer-facing applications such as locators, mobile apps, email applications, in-store receipts, and more.
Agreements API
Use our Agreements API if you are a partner looking to create and manage sub-accounts for your customers and their subscriptions / SKUs.
Events API
Use the Events API to send client-side analytics events from your consumer-facing applications to Yext in near real-time.
Guides are step-by-step instructions to accomplish a specific goal. You may find guides helpful if you need to complete a task such as launching a Search experience.
Use the Yext CLI to programmatically update your configuration resources.
Our CaC Resources allow you to view or manage your account's configuration using JSON instead of a GUI interface. Manage these resources via the CLI or the Admin Console.