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All Features can be found in the Account Features section of Account Settings within your account. You can use this link to access the Account Features page within your account.

Release Cycle

Yext has three annual Seasonal Releases — typically in the Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter timeframe. Between the Seasonal Releases we have Monthly Releases. Features that are made available at a monthly release will go into General Availability at the end of the next Seasonal Release.

Account Features

These are product features that can be turned on or off in your account at any time. Generally, these may be industry or vertical specific, or pertain to a specific subscription offering, so not all customers will want to view these features in their account.

Early Access Features

These are features associated with the most recent release. This sections, and the features within it are only available between Early Access and General Availability of our Seasonal Releases. During Early Access users can turn them on, and on the General Availability date they will automatically be turned on for everyone, and will be removed from the Account Features page.

Preview Features

Features will be added to this section either on a monthly or seasonal release cadence. These features are still considered “work in progress”. They are being iterated on and additional updates will be pushed to these features. The goal is to get users to interact with these features so the Product and Engineering teams can gather and implement on user feedback to inform the design and functionality. When preview features have been iterated on and are considered “finished” they will move to the Early Access feature phase, and get turned on for everyone at the next General Availability date.

Preview Features will be marked with a ‘Preview’ tag in the Yext platform.

Features Currently in Preview

Feature Introduced Resources
Function Hooks July 2022 Reference Doc
AI Data Cleaning July 2022 Reference Doc
Computed Field Values & AI Content Generation March 2023 Reference Doc
Rich-Text v2 Field Type March 2023 Reference Doc
Markdown Field Type March 2023 Reference Doc