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Some publishers require extra verification to prove that Yext is syncing updates to content on behalf of the true business owner. That extra verification is managed using the Listings Verification APIs.

If a listing is in the state of needing extra verification, it will have a specific unavailable reason stating so. From here, to verify the listing, you first must review the potential verification methods supported by the publisher for that listing. Note the allowable methods may vary from listing to listing depending on how trustworthy the publisher thinks the listing is.

Because the Listing Verification APIs are currently only available for Google My Business, we’ll focus on Google. Google supports up to four verification options for a listing: postcard, email, phone, and SMS. Most listings will require postcard verification meaning Google will send a physical postcard to the listed business address. For the other options, Google will instead send an email, make a phone call, or send an SMS message to the business.

In all of these cases, the message will contain a code that must be returned to Google to prove the true business owner received the message. Here are the steps for the entire process:

  1. Use Verification Methods: List to view the potential verification options available to your listing. Choose the method that works best for you.
  2. Use Verification: Initiate to trigger the verification message send for that listing. If you’ve chosen email, phone, or SMS, you can grab your code sent by Google immediately. If you’ve chosen postcard verification, time to wait for the mail!
  3. Use Verification Statuses: List to check in on the status of your verification at any time.
  4. Use Verification: Complete once you’ve received your code from Google. We’ll send that code to Google on your behalf to get your listing live.
Use Cases
  • See the possible methods of verification for a given listing
  • Submit a request to verify a listing
  • Check the status of a verification request
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