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Once you’ve successfully created entities in Knowledge Graph and started managing reviews from Yext, you can use the Knowledge API to interact with your reviews directly. These endpoints provide the functionality to fetch reviews, respond to reviews, and add labels to reviews. When fetching reviews, you’ll be able filter on specific criteria like date, content, rating, and publisher.

You may want to use these endpoints to build out an integration with an external system to manage your reviews. For example, we have the Zendesk for Reviews and Salesforce Service Cloud for Reviews Apps which use the Reviews webhook to receive new reviews, and users can respond directly in these platforms, which can make a request to the Comment: Create endpoint so that the response is posted in Yext.

Use Cases
  • Pull your reviews into an external system
  • Add or update the labels on your reviews
  • Respond to your reviews from an external system
  • Pull your reviews into an external system