Review Invitations | Hitchhikers Platform


The Review Invitation APIs allow you to programmatically upload review invitation data to Yext. You can use this endpoint group to trigger an SMS or email invitation to be sent to your customer. Businesses often manage their customer information in some external system, such as a CRM; this system would store the contact information of their customer, and might also contain the information for when an invitation should be sent, such as after a customer has transacted with your business. Using these endpoints, you can easily build out an integration to trigger an invitation based on any event in an external system, and Yext will handle sending the invitation and redirecting the user to leave a review.

These endpoints also allow you to fetch specific invitations or list all of your invitations, which is useful for reporting. You may want to dive into some specific metrics around which templates have the best open or click rates, or even deliverability; you can easily fetch all of your invitations and perform custom reporting to get more insight into exactly which templates are most effective to refine your invitation strategy.

Use Cases
  • Pull your reviews into an external system
  • Respond to your reviews from an external system
  • Add or update the labels on your reviews