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The Post Endpoint Group allows you to manage and monitor social posts across Publishers in the Yext Publisher Network. With these endpoints, users can create dynamic social campaigns across multiple entities at once and monitor how their customers engage with the content through comments, click, and impression metrics.

There are two sets of endpoints in the Posting group:

  • Post Endpoints
  • Entity Post Endpoints

Posts are created and updated through the Posts endpoints and offer support for creating and updating posts across multiple entities at once. Once a post is created, a Post will have one or more Entity Post objects attached to it. Each Entity Post represents the post on a specific Publisher. For example, if you created a Facebook post for 10 entities at once, this would create 10 Entity Posts as sub-objects of the Post. Location-specific use cases such as viewing comments and analytics are managed at the Entity Post level, while actions to create or update post data is managed at the Post level.

Note: The Knowledge API Post endpoints are not compatible with posts created through the legacy reseller API.

Use Cases
  • Communicate events, announcements, product offerings, and other notifications to your customers.
  • Create posts for one or more entities at a time
  • Monitor posts made on your page by your customers
  • Manage and respond to comments on posts
  • Track clicks, impressions, and other success metrics for social campaigns