Reseller Accounts | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Reseller accounts allow you to resell Yext products, such as Listings , Reviews , and Pages , directly to other businesses. Learn more about our Reseller Partner program .

There are two different reseller account types:

  1. Single Account (aka “Enhanced Dashboard”)

    1. In this structure, all customer content, listings, and websites are managed within a single account.

    2. Recommended for smaller resellers who plan to manage all customer data through point-and-click operations in the UI.

      single account with multiple customers

  2. Parent/Sub-Account (aka “Partner Portal” account)

    1. In this structure, each customer’s content, listings, and websites lives within its own distinct account, known as a sub-account.

      sub-accounts for multiple customers

    2. At the root of each sub-account is the parent account. Conceptually, you can think of the parent as the “management” account, and a sub-account as the “customer” account. The parent account oversees every sub-account in its structure, much like the “root” node in a tree data structure .

    3. Recommended for larger resellers managing high volumes of customer data using Yext’s Management APIs , and whose customers may require unique Listings content sync policies.