Step 3: Add a Map to your Calendar

To add a map to your calendar, provide your Google Maps API key in the initialization script below, and declare a map element.

To obtain a Google Maps API key, follow steps outlined in the Google Maps API documentation.

        apiKey: '3662421a932a9bf10491994d9eb27044',
        resultsTemplate: '#result-template',
        resultsElement: '#results',
        googleMapsApiKey: 'YOUR-API-KEY-HERE', 
        map: '#map' 
        filters: [
                startDateElement: '.start-date',
                endDateElement: '.end-date'
                element: '.location-filter'
                element: '.name-filter',
                query: function(value) {
                    return {
                        name: {
                            contains: [value]

Then, place the following HTML element where you want the map to appear on your page.

<!-- Any other HTML on your page --> 

<div id="map"> </div>

<!-- Any other HTML on your page -->

The locations where your events are being held will be automatically shown on the map.

events map

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