Step 1: Install the Yext CLI

As you’ve probably guessed, the first step is to install the Yext CLI. You can find the full installation instructions here if you need them.

If you’re using a Mac

If you are using Mac, you can install the Yext CLI using Homebrew. If you don’t already have Homebrew installed, follow the installation instructions on the Homebrew site first. Then, you can run the following command to install the Yext CLI on your machine:

brew install yext/tap/yext

If you’re on Windows

If you are using a Windows machine, we recommend installing with MSI Installer.

  1. Download the Yext CLI MSI installer for Windows:

  2. Run the downloaded MSI installer and follow the on-screen instructions. By default, the Yext CLI installs to LOCALAPPDATA directory.

  3. Open new Powershell after installation and run yext init to get started.

If you’re using Linux

If you are using Linux, The Yext CLI can be installed via wget. wget