Step 1: Update Your App

In order to migrate to the Configuration API you will need to update your app permissions to the new endpoint group. There are two ways to do this, you can either update your existing app or you can create a new app.

App Setup

Option 1: Using the Same App

If you want to use the same API credentials and app to make calls to the Configuration endpoints.

  1. Navigate to the Developer Console under the Developer tab.
  2. Navigate to the app that is using the Custom Fields API currently.
  3. Click into the API Credentials tab.
  4. Add the Configuration API Endpoint to the set of pre-existing API Permissions.
    • Give this app the same permissions for the Configuration API that you needed for the Custom Fields API (i.e. if it was Read/Write for Custom Fields, you’ll need Read/Write for Configuration)

Option 2: Using a New App

To create a different app that will use the Configuration API, you can follow along with this Developer Console Unit. When you get to the API Permissions section, you’ll need to add permissions for the Configuration API.

Request Parameters

The Custom Fields API requires all calls to pass an API key and a version in the parameters of the request. This is the same for the Configuration API (and all other Management APIs).

If you’re using the same app, these parameters don’t need to change. If you’re using a new app, the API key will have to reflect that of the new app.

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