Step 3: Create a New Custom Field

Creating a new Custom Field via the Custom Fields: Create endpoint is now performed via Resource Configuration: Create.

Notable Callouts

In addition to the base endpoint changing, some notable differences between the API calls are:

  • Custom Fields API requires the name and type be specified. Configuration API requires the $id, $schema, displayName, typeId, localization, group be specified
    • type is also required if you are creating a booleanType, dateType, decimalType, imageType, listType, optionType, richTextType, stringType, structType, or videoType.
  • The response is now a JSON object, not an array.
  • localization is now required to be specified explicitly. In the Custom FIelds API, it defaults to “PRIMARY_ONLY”.
  • group is now required to specified explicitly - in the Custom FIelds API, it defaults to “NONE”.

Custom Fields API

Custom Fields: Create

        "value":"My New Boolean Field",

Resource Configuration API

Resource Configuration: Create

    "displayName":"My New Boolean Field",